The Crew
MARK NORBERG (Writer/Director)
Mark escaped from South Dakota and fled to LA in '92 where he found a short film laying by the roadside with nobody's name on it. Nursing it back to health, he submitted Freight to several festivals and was accepted. Forced to carry on the charade, he B.S.'d his way through his second film and first feature, The Heat Chamber. Mark is also a nominally talented actor, and has been seen trodding the boards at LA's Acme Comedy Theater.
Dino is both a producer and line producer of independent features. He has assembled a great team of production professionals that he works with from film to film, including his partner Adam Doench, with whom he formed the company Talk of the Town Productions. Through this company, Dino and Adam produce, direct, write and edit films and other projects.
DAMIAN ACEVEDO (Director of Photography)
A graduate of San Francisco State University Film School (magna cum laude, 1998), Damian has honed his skills in virutally every film format available and has developed especially impressive results in the digital medium. For his work on Phrekers, a short film shot on DV, Damian was interviewed for both American Cinematographer and Marquee Magazine. His most recent projects include the features Col' Situation starring Mike Epps; and Family Reunion with Hercules and Big Time.
JESSE BRUCE BENSON (Production Designer)
Jesse received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. In 1993 he relocated to Germany to begin work as a production designer for music videos. Jesse is also the founder and head designer of Alchemy Billiards, an LA-based furniture design company. Because of his experiences in Europe, Jesse is at ease traveling alone to odd and sometimes inscrutable cultures at a moments notice, often with only a small amount of the local currency and a cell phone.
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